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    Proprietary smart, rising and intuitive
    Ad Server in constant evolution

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    Top Quality Publishers Network:
    +10 000 Publishers & +100M UV

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    Stay in control of your marketing budgets in real time and master your Ad Ops.

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    International 24/7 Dedicated support
    at your service via telephone and/or chat

Experience a smarter Ad Network

FlashGameCPM offers several unique services to Advertisers to reach ROI-oriented goals in regards with promoting a product, building brand equity and/or generating qualified and low-cost leads.

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Our advantages:
- no setup fees
- UI/UX oriented personal Dashboard built for your needs
- Smart Real Time optimization for your campaigns
- "Performance" oriented strategies for a better ROI
- Accurate and reliable tracking
- International support available 24/7

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- Apply to become an Advertiser
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