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Wiki for Publishers

When will I be paid?

Commission payments are done within 45 days at the end of the month.

with a minimum $100 payout.

For example: On the revenue generated in January, paid time is March 15.

Which payment methods does FlashGameCPM propose?

FlashGameCPM gives back his Publishers benefits through: Wire bank transfer – Paypal – Moneybookers

Publisher / Advertiser?

With FlashGameCPM, you can become an advertiser as soon as you want it. For that, you just need to create an advertiser account. It’s possible for you to switch your benefits generated as an Publisher to your advertiser campaign.

Do I need a website to join?

Once your application validated by FlashGameCPM, you can look into the description of various campaigns proposed by the advertisers. Then you can consider access conditions, terms of payment, and finally apply. Promotion of the advertiser’s site can be done only with the visuals available on the platform, and exclusively Only in the game-related websites. The advertiser may at its discretion decide to stop his campaign, without the Publisher could claim any compensation. As well, he can make a request to end the collaboration with the Publisher if any obligation is violated or in case of prejudice for the advertiser.

How to generate revenues?

By setting one our tags on your site, your visitors will be tracked. This tracking process will relate in real time their activity in your Reports so you have a real vision of your traffic and revenues.

How to join FlashGameCPM?
  • All countries accepted
  • See results and earnings in real time
  • Complete the registration form, in less than a minute;
  • Alexa rank 3million or higher.
  • Game site
  • Flash Gaming Website
  • No paid Gambling sites
  • Accept our terms and conditions;
  • You will receive an automatic validation email in the following minutes;
  • Your Website will be reviewed within 24 hours to validate several parameters
  • Once done, you will receive an account activation email, and then you can start a campaign.
How to select campaigns?

You just have to select the Ad type you are interested in between our General Banners, our Smart Ads and more to come. Then, you choose the Ad size you are willing to use and here you go. Grab your tag, integrate in your website and have a look on your balance.

Is the registration free?

If you ask this question, it means you know the answer. 100% Free. Period!

IRS and Tax authorities?

Your revenues made via FlashGameCPM are legal income. We recommend you to contact your local Tax authorities office and ask them in regards of this issue. Talk to us if you need further infos.

I don’t see the campaign on my website, why?

Make sure you implemented the tag in your website.

Make sure there are not too many tags on your website (risk of conflict or javascript overload).

And contact us, we are here to help you!

Forgot your password?

Go to menu “Forgot password” on the top of the page. Your password will be resent to you by email. In case of technical problem, please contact us.

Where am I supposed to submit my payment details?

Let’s meet, once you are logged in, in the Payment Center and add your payment details.

Where can I check my payments status?

To keep you informed, you will have an access to your transactions history and you will be notified about your payments status.

Where can I see my campaigns performance?

On your Dashboard, you will be able to access to your reports in a quick view mode. For more accurate data, the Reports’ section will be your best friend.

Why my sign-up could be rejected?

Guys, we do understand that you are willing to monetize your inventory on FlashGameCPM but we don’t accept everybody and we keep the right to reject some of you. No offense. But if your website may affect our good name or even worth our Advertisers’ good name, we won’t work with you. Same story if your website content doesn’t comply with Law and regulation, if applicable.

And if we don’t know who you are, meaning if your email address isn’t valid for example, we won’t be partners.

But one thing is certain, talk to us if we reject you. If your website doesn’t fit to our policy we can help you the enhance it in order to make it fit to it.

Why don’t I see clicks in the Reports?

It could be for several possible reasons:

  • Some of our Advertisers have only click per user authorized for 24 hours, in order to prevent fraud over all its forms;
  • It may be because the tracking link is not correctly integrated which interferes with the accounting clicks and impressions. In that case, check the status of your work and make tests to ensure well operation.

In any case, fell free to contact support if needed.

My partnership with FlashGameCPM must be exclusive?

NOT AT ALL! You are more than invited to work with several Ad Networks. First of all because you decide buddy! Second of all, competition is always good. We love to compete. So don’t hesitate try our competitors.

Can I change my personal information? Are they secured?

Yes and yes! Go to your Dashboard, look for your Details’section and follow the instruction. Your personal data are kept in a segregated server, far away for the mess. You can sleep well.   

How often are reports updated?

Most of the time in real time. But sometimes it can take up to 48 hours to update all the data coming for third part partners.

What are the different Ad Metrics on FlashGameCPM?

Mainly the following:  

Cost per Click, Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPC,CPM) and of course Cost per Mille.